FOSS Science Physics of Sound


Unit Goals/Objectives

·      Observe and compare sounds to develop sound discrimination ability

·      Communicate with others using a drop code

·      Learn that sound originates from a source that is vibrating and is detected at a receiver such as a human ear

·      Understand the relationship between the pitch of a sound and the physical properties of the sound source (length, frequency, and tension)

·      Observe and compare how sound travels through solids, liquids, and gas





The Physics of Sound unit consists of four investigations …

1)            Dropping in
Key Content Sound has identifiable properties; objects can be identified by sound; sounds can convey information; sound is caused by vibrations; sound requires a source and a receiver; volume is determined by intensity of vibrations

2)          Good Vibrations
Key Content Sound originates from vibrating sources; pitch is how high or low; differences in pitch are caused by rate an object vibrates; pitch can be changed

3)           How Sound Travels
Key Content Vibrations need a medium to travel; sound travels through solids, liquids, and gases; outer ear is designed to gather sound energy

4)          Sound Challenges
Key Content Variables affect pitch; sound can travel through different mediums to the sound receiver; the medium sound passes through affects its volume

End of the Unit PROJECT…. Creating a MUSICAL Instrument.