FOSS Science Water


Unit Goals/Objectives

      Observe and explore properties of water in liquid, solid, and gaseous states

      Observe the expansion and contraction of water as it warms and cools

      Investigate factors that influence evaporation and condensation of water

      Consider components of the water cycle

      Observe and compare how water moves through different types of earth materials, including soil and gravel

      Consider the water quality of local water sources

      Investigate how water can be used to do work




The Water unit consists of four investigations

1)            Water Observations
Key Activities Water on Surfaces; Surface Tension; Water on a Slope

2)          Hot Water, Cold Water
Key Activities Build a Thermometer; Sinking and Floating Water; Observing Ice

3)           Water Vapor
Key Activities Evaporation Location Charts; Water Vapor; Evaporation Place Mat; Surface-Area Chart; Condensation Observation

4)          Waterworks
Key Activities Water in Earth Materials; Waterworks; Putting Water to Work; Comparing Water Samples